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A complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for organizations

2,000,000+ organizations are already using Bitrix24

Social network

An internal social network lets you collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently. Get instant feedback, share ideas, create workgroups and engage your employees. That’s Productivity 2.0.

Tasks and projects

From personal ToDos and simple tasks to complex projects – Bitrix24 helps delegate and coordinate, making sure the job is done properly and on time.

Group chat and video

Your business can’t wait, so use real time communication tools from videoconferencing to group chat available in Bitrix24 absolutely free.

Document management

Secure online document storage, online multi-user editing and custom document approval workflows are just a few advantages of Bitrix24 document management system.

CRM & Sales

Sell more with Bitrix24 CRM and sales team management. From customer database to email marketing and automatic lead assignment – it is all there.


Share files and folders easily with your co-workers, access your data on any device and get rid of your old file server, because you no longer need it.


Email is not dead – far from it. If you work with email daily, you are sure to appreciate ability to access it directly from your Bitrix24 account.


Yes, it works on your iPhone, iPad or Android too. You can take your Bitrix24 account with your phone or tablet and it will always be only one tap away.


Make phone calls to your clients and co-workers from your portal with one click. Log and record phone calls directly inside the CRM. Yes, you can use Bitrix24 as a virtual call center.


Our human resources management system comes with an employee directory, absence chart, self service portal, time management, work reports, knowledge base and 20+ other HR tools.

Calendar and Planning

Invite your colleagues to a meeting, schedule appointments with clients directly from the CRM, create private and shared calendars for yourself, workgroups, or entire company.

Bitrix24 – free sales automation and sales team management software

Bitrix24 is a popular free sales automation and sales team management solution. It’s not just CRM and lead management software, with Bitrix24 you can create e-mail marketing campaigns, automatically distribute leads, create custom workflows, train your sales force, manage partners/dealers, collaborate and do much more.
Bitrix24 is available in cloud (free for up to 12 people) or as a self-hosted solution that comes with the source code.

Start Free

How much it costs

Bitrix24 Cloud – no need to pay to set up your own social intranet!

  • Bitrix24 Cloud
  • Every 6 months (save 5%)
  • Every 12 months (save 10%)
  • $199 per month
  • Unlimited
  • ext. users: Yes
  • Unlimited
  • $1,134.30 / 6 Mo
  • $2,149.20 /year

Bitrix24 Cloud is not enough? Check out the Self-hosted version!

* For products licenses with unlimited user packs, please contact our Sales Department - Please note that each commercial license also includes a free 1-year subscription for technical support and product updates.

* - The use of business tools in free plan is limited to 12 users and to 24 users in Bitrix24 Plus. The list of business tool users can be updated once every 24 hours.
  • Free is best for...

    • For internal communications of small and micro companies.
    • As a platform for small groups of people united by a given topic or interest who wish to have the greatest amount of flexibility, security, and upward mobility.
    • If you manage an online-shop or your company has a sales department, and you need a CRM for processing incoming leads.
  • Get Standard if...

    • There are more than 12 people in your company and you need a united platform for file sharing and team work;
    • You need to allow clients, suppliers, or other third parties to participate in projects and tasks;
    • Your non-profit organization has a large number of users.
  • Buy Professional for...

    • Tracking working hours and time spent by users on individual tasks and projects is mission-critical;
    • Using your own domain name for your social intranet (;
    • Managing meetings, briefings and other events that constantly take place in your company.
* For special pricing on 500+ user packs, please contact our Sales Department - Please note that each commercial license also includes a free 1-year subscription for technical support and product updates. Read more about support subscriptions.
  • Advantages

    • Works out of the box
    • Minimal setup
    • Hosting in your country
    • Full source code
    • Additional integrations
  • Bitrix Virtual Appliance

    • A free-of-charge application that allows optimal operation of the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 in a pre-configured and fully-secure virtual environment.
    • Will save you time and effort and ensure proper deployment and administration of Bitrix24 on a server of your choice.
    • Both Windows and Unix versions are available.
  • Virtual Appliance includes

    • CentOS 6.7 x86_64 operating system
    • NGINX + (Apache2+APC) two-level configuration
    • PHP 5.6
    • MySQL5 with InnoDB support
    • Additional packages: geoip, catdoc, poppler, man, strace
  • About Bitrix24 Cloud Version licensing

    When a Bitrix24 Cloud account is registered and used with a free or a commercial subscription plan, the user receives non-exclusive rights to use the program.

    Bitrix24 Cloud version is SaaS, it is rented by our users. It is deployed, hosted and maintained by Bitrix Inc. in the Cloud. You can use your Bitrix24 account with a free subscription, or with a paid plan. There are no additional or hidden fees for commercial plans, which means there will be no charges above your monthly payments if you use Bitrix24 with Standard or Professional subscription plans.

    There are, however, optional payments for your free or commercial subscription plans (e.g. VOIP / web telephony credits, SIP-connectors, additional online storage).

    Cloud Subscription Renewals

    If you plan to extend your commercial Cloud subscription for another 6, or 12 months, you should do so before the end of your current subscription period. After your current subscription plan ends, you have a grace period of 15 days to work without limitation. If you do not renew your subscription, then your Bitrix24 account will be rolled back to the free subscription plan, with a 5 GB online storage limit and functionality corresponding to the free plan.

    If the amount of data in your Bitrix24 instance exceeds 5 GB, then after the grace period mentioned above, data will be accessible only for reading and deleting. You will not be able to load new files, tasks, input data into the CRM, or perform other actions until the data is below the 5 GB limit.

    As soon as the amount of data is below 5GB, all the functionality of the free plan will be engaged, and use of the free version can continue indefinitely. Also, the free subscription plan allows you to create and manage up to 12 intranet users. All users exceeding this number will not have access to your Bitrix24 account if used with the free subscription plan.

    If no user authorizes over the course of one month after the 15-day grace period, your Bitrix24 account will be 'archived', and can be opened only by having an administrator (an employee of your company with administrator rights in your Bitrix24 instance) log in. If no administrator logs in over the course of another 15 days after the account has been 'archived', the Bitrix24 instance will be deleted.

    Subscription Upgrades and Downgrades

    You can upgrade or downgrade your current subscription to any subscription plan at any time. To upgrade or downgrade your Bitrix24 subscription, please select one of the subscription options inside your Bitrix24 account (Settings > Subscription > ...). You can also get in touch with a Bitrix24 representative or a Bitrix Partner to have your current subscription plan changed according to your needs.

    Refund Policy

    Bitrix Inc. provides no refunds for Bitrix24 Cloud services. Bitrix24 is a pay-as-you-go service with commercial subscriptions billed every 1, 6, or 12 months. You can cancel the subscription at any time by notifying a Bitrix representative or the Bitrix Partner from whom you purchased your subscription so that you are not charged again, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred.

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